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We, Packers and Movers Calicut, simply help people in the process of packaging and moving. Relocation or shifting from one place to another is a tiresome task. Especially when we have a lot of things to move with. There is no need to worry as we are here. Packers and Movers Calicut is at service in need. We are professionals, who assist in Household shifting, Corporate shifting, office shifting, Bulk shifting, packaging and so on. Our services help people to save time and money. Packers and Movers is one of the best service providers in the relevant feld. We have branches all over Kerala and are growing by the day. Packers and Movers do not compromise quality and it helped us to stay ahead in the industry.

Why choose Packers and Movers Calicut

Packers and Movers Calicut are here to provide professional logistic services. We provide proficient packaging and secure moving services at a competent price under complete supervision. Be it in monsoon or summer, spring or winter, Packers and Movers Calicut are always here at your service. We provide complete hassle-free packing and shifting services. When you need to shift your home, office, vehicle or factory, it's a time-consuming task and professional assistance is always advised to make the process robust, cost effective and scheduled. We Packers and Movers Calicut have a great team committed to fulfilling your needs.
We have separate groups for doing specific tasks such as planning, packing, loading, transporting, unloading, monitoring, customer servicing, and so on. Ever thought of the difficulties of shifting or relocating during monsoon season?. Ever thought of the struggle of moving heavy items or a lot of items or things?. Yes, we have. Packers and Movers Calicut is one call or email away.

Our Services


While shifting goods and items from one place to another, there is a high chance of missing things, damages, injuries and accidents occurring. Proper wrapping and packaging of items are crucial to avoid all those above-mentioned worries. The packings of items are robust when there is an experienced guide to monitor and mentor. Packers and Movers Calicut have relevant experience and we know how to help you. Our professional will ensure not to break your things, nor the trust. Packing is done with quality wrappers that protect from external shocks. Tips :

  • Proper packaging will save your furniture from scratch, tear and damage.
  • Tiny and similar things should be packed together to avoid missing out.
  • Packaging helps in organising. Thus saves time.
  • Perishable goods and items should be properly wrapped and packed.


Domestic shifting involves moving several large items as well as small items. In any type of shifting and moving, the vehicle used for the purpose matters in determining the expense and safety. We, Packers and Movers Calicut have a variety of vehicles and carriers for transportation. We decide the mode and vehicle of transport after considering the factors such as distance, number of items, type of items, time etc. Packers and Movers Calicut ensure secure transportation. We provide long-distance, short distance, inter-district services. It is always good to have someone who is experienced and knows the roads. Long-distance, won't scare you when Packers and Movers Calicut is with you. We transport goods and items clean, secure and punctual. Also, provide easy tracking of transport and delivery.


  • Proper packaging of items.
  • Close lids of containers that have items of liquid nature.
  • Always take account of the time of transportation.
  • Avoid bulking up the carrier.
  • Have clarity of direction.

Loading and Unloading

Packers and Movers Calicut are systematic with loading and unloading. We save our clients from unexpected expenses or losses. No need to worry about high charges, accidental losses, physical strain and loss of time. We, Packers and Movers Calicut have separate teams to do specific tasks. When you have stairs to climb, floors to cover, it's always good to have professionals hands. Loading and unloading involve a variety of items having different degrees of height and weight. When you have a lot of items, having ten or more experienced hands is always helpful. Packers and Movers Calicut have a team for shouldering this responsibility.


  • Distribute weight evenly. Having a well-balanced pallet and trailer will prevent the tipping or falling over of the pallet or product. Remember to place the heavier objects on the bottom of the pallet and the lighter object on top, and double-check that no boxes are misaligned or overhanging.
  • Don't strain yourself and be careful in handling.
  • Don't throw or drag packages.
  • Have labels on packages; which will help in identifying the nature of the item in it.
  • Ensure the vehicle is stopped, braked, and stabilized before loading/unloading.
  • Loading/unloading areas should be well lit at all times.
  • Know your surroundings when moving objects
  • Decide where items will be placed before lifting
  • Listen to your body,especially while moving.
  • Time and Distance

    Time and distance is not a constraint when Packers and Movers Calicut is there with you. Time is precious and we understand it. We are 24×7 at service. Long-distance won't bother when you have a team that knows the road. We will ensure the completion of the task within the stipulated time. Our services are available all around Calicut. We know how tedious it is to move around Calicut because of the density of people in the place. Our peer to peer service is here as helping hands.


    • Have a plan or strategy.
    • Have a mentor who is experienced.
    • Work together to save time.

    Rates and Tariff

    The fee charged by Packers and Movers Calicut will vary as per the number of items to be moved, weight of the items, distance to be covered, and other factors such as time of the day and seasons. There is no hidden rates and tariffs. All information on our charges will be communicated in advance. We provide facilities for easy payment. Be it Cash, card, UPI, Neft; as of your choice.

    Customer Support

    Packers and Movers Calicut gives priority to customer satisfaction. Therefore we are constantly at your service. Our 24/7 support will reach out to each query. Your suggestions and feedback are taken seriously for the continuous improvement of services. Clients can trace, map each stage from packaging, loading, unloading and transportation.


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