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We are phenomenal when it comes to packing and transport techniques, and they are striving to become the most reliable packers and movers in Kakkanad. We came into existence to provide the transportation needs of commercial and household relocations in and around the city. Packers and Movers Kakkanad are dedicated to resolving all your concerns and apprehensions related to queries about packing and moving, and we focus on mastering the skills needed to overcome the challenges that lie ahead at every phase of the process. We are constantly striving to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, productive manpower, and high-quality packaging materials. Our professional staff works hard to instill perfection throughout every work that attains the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer our customers comprehensive relocation services at very reasonable rates Packers and Movers Kochi

Why should you choose us?

We are chosen by local residents, corporates, industrialists, etc. for all kinds of moving services to meet their requirements. As a genuine customer, you want a reliable company that can help you with your difficulties in packing and moving your items for relocation. Packers and Movers Kakkanad, therefore, provide you with happiness and contentment at the end of the process. We continue to progress rapidly, receiving patronage from some of the most renowned companies, residents, and international agencies. We are experts on shifting. It doesn't matter whether your shipment is large, heavy, delicate, or valuable, we are there for you.
We want you to have a comfortable shifting experience that's why; we also offer customized relocation service as we fully comprehend that your personal touch and feelings are closely connected with the hard-earned items. We don't want to lose your expectations during the shifting process, for which we maintain safety standards in our services. You don't have to take all the responsibility on yourself to pack and move if you hire us. We serve you whole-heartedly with gratitude and commitment.

Our Way of Work

Advance planning serves as the backbone of all moving and packing projects, and we put a lot of combined effort into the planning part to ensure that you do not confront any obstacles on your front till the end of the relocation process. We choose to be 100% systematic with our standardized packing and moving services, and we choose to pursue action plans before we assign ourselves to the actual task. We believe that it is important to evaluate and understand the new location where the office or residence is being moved.
All professional packers and movers would choose to visit the new destination in the first place and get a glimpse of how different furniture and important valuables would fit into that particular location. This is exactly how we're going to choose to run the show. Before visiting a new destination, we would want to have a detailed list of items or things that are about to be moved to a new location. We evaluate every inch of the new destination and come up with new ideas about how to move your items to that place. We are well aware that relocation is going to be a long and time-consuming task. We, therefore, put greater importance or focus on performing the tasks on holidays so that your normal business activities are not affected. And you can also be there personally to evaluate how things have been going. You can bet that you're literally baffled to see how flawlessly and passionately we execute the whole thing.

Services Offered By Packers and Movers Kakkanad

We keep things simple and flexible by providing you exceptional packing and moving services, bearing in mind that the service you are looking for is immediately available to you at your place. Most local packers and movers in Kakkanad cater only to the requirements of home-shifting clients. However, with us, you get a broad range of relocating services to meet your requirements that make your shifting process a hassle-free experience. Here, we share a few of our well-known services

Our Services

Household Shifting

We help you move your household goods, whether it's expensive furniture, fragile kitchen utensils, paintings, electronic equipment, or any other items. We are trained professionals in handling of all types of packaging of goods. We have developed comfortable and handy ways to move your household goods or vehicles anywhere in and around Kakkanad the reasonable prices

Corporate Relocation

If you own a large corporate space and your office contains a lot of important items such as computer hardware, conference room items, reception room items, furniture, and other electronic equipment then, we provide commercial transfer services to any type of business.

Vehicle Transportation

Whether it's a car or a bike Packers and Movers Kakkanad offers you to carry it from your current place to your desired destination. You can experience a smooth and efficient process of relocation with us because our method of lifting, packing, and transporting the vehicle is perfectly safe.


1) Why should we choose Packers and Movers kakkanad?

Ans)Packers and Movers Cochin have high-quality packing, well-trained professionals, quality packing materials, different kinds of transport vehicles, a 24-hour helpline, and excellent customer service.

2)How do you determine the price of packing and moving?

Ans)The price depends on the following factors: Items to be Shifted:-The more items, the higher the cost. Normally we charge for a full truckload even if the goods to be moved are less than a truckload. It is therefore important to discuss with us and find out about the load and deciding which truck should be used for transportation. Distance to be covered:-The longer the distance, the higher the price. The rates will vary depending on the distance of the location. If the target location is outside Kerala, the rates will be high as it requires a lot of procedures.

3) Are there different types of vehicles to choose from for transportation?

Ans) There are different types of vehicles for transportation. You can choose from options for open and closed trucks. Open trucks are the most common and economical means of transportation. On the other hand, the enclosed carriers are trucks or trailers that have the facility to carry your goods inside the cover. This can save your belongings from rain, dust, and other natural conditions. This is an expensive mode of transportation compared to normal open trucks. It is generally the choice of those who need to transport when there is rain or expensive goods or cars.

4)What are the items that cannot be loaded on to the vehicle?

Ans)Some possessions such as pets, liquids/oils, inflammable items, pots will not be allowed to be loaded onto the vehicle.

5)What are my roles in the process of moving?

You wouldn't have to worry about much during the moving process. However, you will have to provide the necessary documents that would be required to move certain products. It is recommended that you discuss this in-depth with our field officer.

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